PROFESSIONALS GUILD OF OHIO                                              MISSION STATEMENT

“The Professionals Guild of Ohio exists to serve its members and advance the labor movement through the institution of collective bargaining.  To accomplish these purposes the PGO will:

  • Diligently pursue its members interests at the bargaining table;
  • Vigorously defend its members rights in the workplace; and,
  • Persistently strive to improve the lives of workers everywhere.”


The Professionals Guild of Ohio is first a trade union. We are a local union with a statewide jurisdiction, working with all kinds of employees. We specialize in assisting groups of health and human service providers to organize themselves to improve their wages, benefits, conditions in the work place, and the conditions for their clients. We also work extensively with paraprofessional, and non-professional employees. We are a democratically governed union, meaning that all major decisions regarding officers, policies, and finances, are made by the membership, or their elected representatives.

PGO believes employees are entitled to the best working conditions, pay, and fringe benefits possible. We believe that the clients and students of our members deserve the finest services that can be provided.